Co-curricular programs are learning situations in which students engage themselves as a means to attain their educational goals, the various activity programs offered are expected to positively assist the students in meeting their recreational, social, religious and emotional needs.

The general objectives are:


  1. To help the students master the God-given skills and talents that can be used in taking active part in school, community and even in national affairs.
  2. To provide venue for sharing common interests with other students.
  3. To engage the students in worthwhile activities which will help the appreciate the joy that comes from the service of others by sharing one’s time and talents.
  4. To provide opportunity for students to be leaders who are responsible and who exercise accountability to their peers and superior.
          St. Bridget College High School Department offers different activities for the students. These activities are classified into: co-curricular, extra-curricular and special talent groups.